Good 2 Go - Conoco
805 W. Hwy 60, Superior, AZ 85273
(520) 689-5554 

Our cash price is the best in town! Our store has clean bathrooms and unique items, including: slush puppies, Gardettos, firewood, phone chargers, medicines, batteries, sunglasses, motor oil, toiletries, Mexican candies, ice cream, popsicles, and a deli cooler with fresh sandwiches. We also offer diesel fuel, tire gauge/air, beer, pebble ice (from the fountain), e-cigarettes, bagged ice, an ATM, grill food, lottery tickets, and tobacco products. We're located in the center of town, on the side of the highway next to Circle K, with easy access of the highway for travelers.

  • Diesel
  • Tire Gauge/Air
  • ATM
  • Beer
  • Slushy Machine
  • Grill Food
  • Pebble Ice
  • Bagged Ice
  • Lottery Tickets
  • Tobacco Products
  • E-Cigarettes

805 W. Hwy 60,
Superior, AZ 85273

Store Hours
Mon-Sun 6:00am-12:00am

Pump Hours
Open 24/7

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PO Box 50430 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83405